Who am I?

Introducing myself in a blog is strange because I honestly don’t know how to. Do I start with my name? Do I start with my interests? Do I just compile a list of everything about me and what to expect in future blog posts? I really don’t know. I’m figuring this out as I go. I’m no professional so I hope that isn’t what you are looking for. If you’re looking for that, you’ll be tremendously disappointed. Anyway, I am just gonna start my introduction, and if you don’t like it, resume the celebrity gossip video you paused to read this. 🙂

HI! My name is Noah Purser. What’s your name? Interesting name. Never heard that one before! Glad you could join me. I promise you won’t regret it. I’m an amazing entertainer. I promise you that I will blow your mind with my blog posts. I am totally joking. I wish I had that kind of confidence. Anyway, I digress. I am writing this because I need to write to survive. Writing is my medicine. I write whenever I am down. Although, my motivation has been on a different planet lately so I decided to see if a blog would help. If I have an audience, it should help me conjure up the motivation to grab my laptop. At least that is what I am hoping. HOPING TO THE HEAVENS ABOVE.

As you can see, I am a strange human being. I don’t like being normal. Normal is boring. It’s no fun being boring. I like to make people laugh even if I fail. That is usually the case. Most of my jokes are dad jokes. PS I’m not a dad. UNLESS my ex forgot to tell me something except that would be impossible. I’m gay so if my ex is somehow pregnant with my baby, he would be all over the news.

I really hope I haven’t scared you away because it is just now getting interesting. REALLY INTERESTING.

So yeah… I am gay. I am many other things too so don’t get it twisted. I am much more than my sexuality. Although, it is still a big part of who I am so there will be other blog posts that are LGBTQ-related. There will be many things besides that though. For example, I am a movie buff who may dabble in reviews and movie news. I’m a nerd. Deal with it. Or don’t. You don’t have to read this. No one is forcing you to read my blog posts. Unless you’re my friend. In that case, I will shove my blog posts down your throat. I am totally joking. I promise. I would NEVER do that to my friends. 🙂

One last thing to touch on before I list some things I may write posts about. I am an aspiring writer so you may see a few posts about my projects I am working on! Let me know if you’d like to see an excerpt on a novel I am currently writing. I will definitely post one! Now that I have shoved in a bit of self-promotion, it is time to list the topics that may be talked about in my blog posts!

What to Expect:

  • Are You The One? Season 8
  • My Favorite Shows
  • My Favorite Films
  • Horror Films
  • Romance Films
  • Drama Films
  • DC Films
  • Marvel Films
  • Musicals
  • LGBTQ+ Films
  • LGBTQ+ Books
  • LGBTQ+ Community
  • Original Projects
  • Music
  • Anything Pop Culture Related
  • And Many More!

Until next time friends! PEACE!


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I’m just a dood tryna figure myself out. I write about shows, movies, the LGBTQ+ community, Pop Culture, and my original fiction work!!

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