Are You The One? Season 8 Discussion (Episode 4)

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to believe my predictions are correct. To be honest, I'm not confident in my predictions at all. It's too early to be confident.

As many know by now, the new season of MTV’s Are You The One? features a gender fluid cast. This makes for an interesting season since anyone can be anyone’s match. In the past, there has been 11 boys and 11 girls in which one can only be a match with one of 11 contestants. With this season, there are 16 contestants in which one can match with anyone else in the house. The show is 4 episodes in, and I am here to talk about episode 4. I will mention the most memorable moments of the show, and then I will give my predictions for the perfect matches before and after watching the episode.

In this episode, We saw what many thought would be the downfall of Kai and Jenna. Since they were confirmed a no match, they would explore other relationships if they played the game responsibly. Unfortunately, they must’ve forgotten how to. I understand wanting to pursue the relationship no matter what, but wait until after the show like Tomas and Cali from season 7. You do not want to get in the house’s way of winning 1 million dollars. I personally don’t think they should pursue the relationship anyway. I thought Zac and Bria from season 7 was toxic, but they take it to the next level.

Don’t let the shade I am throwing fool you. I actually like Jenna and Kai. I don’t enjoy a lot of what Kai has done in the house though. Some things just make me angry. I am not trying to disrespect him in any way. He seems like a really good guy outside of the house. He just made one too many mistakes in just a few episodes. I feel bad for Jenna. At least she wasn’t the one that got sloppy seconds…

Speaking of sloppy seconds, I was squealing when Jenna chose Remy’s pick-up line in the challenge. That definitely made for an interesting date… Jenna, Kai AND Remy? I wish we could’ve seen the whole date.

Though Kai and Jenna took up a hefty chunk of screen time, I am so over that relationship. Let’s talk about a relationship that I can talk about for hours. Max and Justin will be my favorite relationship in this show no matter the outcome. When I saw them cuddling up in bed, it just made me so happy seeing how far Max has come from the beginning. That makeout session was also just magical. It was adorable seeing how giddy Max was. All I am saying is if Aasha screws up this relationship, I will spend the rest of this season hating her. I’m joking… I could never actually hate her. She is honestly adorable. I am still mad at her for choosing Max during the Match-Up Ceremony, but I will get over it. While we are on the topic of Aasha, I have to talk about the FIVESOME mentioned in the preview for next week’s episode. I have a sneak suspicion that she is involved in it… I will be SHOCKED if she isn’t.

Back to what happened in the actual episode, that Queer Prom was WILD. I still can’t believe how quickly Nour and Amber went from the top to nonexistent… Like it really seems like they are over after Nour made out with Kylie. I can’t blame Amber for being upset, but I also don’t believe the decisions made inside the house determines who the people really are. Therefore, I am not going to hate Nour for what she did. She made a mistake, and she owned up to it. I am proud of her for that.

Something that really upset me in this episode is how Jonathan treated Basit. They were really feeling Jonathan, and for him to finally show interest in them and not show that in the Match-Up Ceremony angers me. Jonathan really confuses me. Maybe he is just confused… I hope he figures out his feelings. If he really does have feelings for Basit, he needs to really invest in that before they give up on him. I am afraid they already have.

I feel like I have talked about all the memorable moments for me. The only thing I have left to say before my predictions is the realization of Kylie and Kari. I didn’t really see anything between them until now. I am sold that they are a match. I am sure of it now. With that out of the way, here are my predictions before and after the episode.

My Predictions Before Episode 4

  • Nour & Amber
  • Max & Justin
  • Kai & Remy
  • Brandon & Aasha
  • Danny & Paige
  • Kari & Jasmine
  • Basit & Kylie
  • Jenna & Jonathan

My Predictions After Episode 4

Paige & Amber – I am not too confident in this match yet, but I think they did show potential. After next week’s episode, I may be more confident in them or I might take them out of my predictions.

Kylie & Kari – Week by week, I become more and more confident in this match. I would not be surprised if they are a perfect match. They are so adorable. To further prove my point, Kari tweeted that the kiss between Nour and Kylie didn’t break them up because a kiss doesn’t compare to their bond. *tear*

Max & Justin – I will NEVER give up on this relationship. I have never shipped two people together so much in this show. They are so adorable. Although, I am afraid that they aren’t a perfect match. I am just hoping that I will speak it into existence.

Brandon & Aasha – I haven’t seen too much of these two, but, for some odd reason, I see a spark between them. They did sit together at the second Match-up Ceremony so that would explain the second beam.

Danny & Jonathan – Don’t worry. I do not ship this, but I also wouldn’t doubt it if they are a match. Danny hasn’t really clicked with anyone so he is still a wildcard. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion that his match MIGHT be Paige, but I don’t have too much to back that. Therefore, I will stick with Paige/Amber and Danny/Jonathan until I have a reason not to.

Nour & Jenna – There is this voice in the back of my head saying these two might be a match. That might just be the confusion in my head telling me to just throw two random people together, but that is enough for me to believe they are a match for now.

Remy & Basit – I’ve heard others say this could be a match, but I think y’all just crazy. With that said, I am just gonna roll with it for now.

Jasmine & Kai – These were the last two so I guess they are a match.

Before I end this, please do not take what I say to heart when I am talking about the contestants. I am simply giving my opinion on what happened on the show. I am not giving my opinion on the person simply because I do not personally know them. I do not enjoy some things said and done in the show, but I do not know these people enough to give an actual opinion on who they are. I am only giving opinions on what they do IN THE SHOW. I am sure they are lovely people outside of the house.

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