Why Should Myylo Be A Worldwide Sensation?

Myylo is a Country-turned-Pop artist who is relatively new to the music scene. He has only been able to gain a small following through his Country EP “South” and his Pop EP “I’m a Nice Boy”. Though his success has been to a minimum, his career is only beginning so he has plenty of time to shine.

Myylo’s voice is only one of many reasons why he should be talked about worldwide. Below is a list I have compiled of reasons why Myylo should be added to your Spotify playlist.

  1. HIS TALENT. His talent is more than just his voice. His music combines so many genres. It takes talent to pull that off. His song “Jonesing” is a perfect example of the talent he has.
  2. HIS RELATABILITY. Myylo does not portray love and life as perfect like some Pop artists. His story as an LGBTQ+ artist in Nashville is also relatable as many people seem like they don’t fit in.
  3. HIS INDIVIDUALITY. As a Country-turned-Pop artist in the LGBTQ+ Community, there are not many artists like him. As a musician, his individuality is reflected in his music.
  4. HIS CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY. As a gay artist, Myylo makes sure to voice his opinions pertaining to the LGBTQ+ Community. He uses his platform to encourage others to be themselves rather than someone everyone else wants them to be.
  5. HIS QUIRKINESS. It is hard not to fall in love with Myylo’s personality. He has the type of personality that can make anyone happy. His Social Media is sure to put a smile on your face.

Click below to enjoy the acoustic version of Myylo’s song “Jonesing”.

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