Unmask Me: Excerpt

I AM WRITING A BOOK!!! I am not sure what will happen with this book, but it is the first book I have ever been this invested in. If I never see the day where it is on bookshelves, I may cry for the rest of my life. I have been debating showing a little sneak peak into what the book will be like, but I have decided that I will give a little excerpt. What you will read below is the beginning of Chapter One.

Before you sink your teeth into the excerpt, I want to tell you a little about the book. It started off as a book that was loosely based off of my life. I had a crush on a guy, and it seemed like the perfect material for a book. The only difference was that the protagonist’s crush would actually notice me while my crush completely ignored me. 🙂 After stepping away from the project for a little bit, I changed the plot a lot. I rewrote chapter one into something I actually liked, and I changed a lot about the love interest. Although, the protagonist is still loosely based off of me. His name is Dallas. He is awkward and quirky like me. He overthinks too much, and he doesn’t give himself a chance to just breathe. He is the biggest geek ever. He might actually be worse than me. His best friend, Kayley, is loosely based off of my best friend, Hayley. I don’t wanna give away too much about her, but I promise that you will fall in love with her. I am going to refrain myself from talking about the love interest too much, but he is a foreign exchange student from Italy. His name is Manuel, but he goes by his nickname, Manny. I am very excited to flesh out these characters, and I hope you’re okay with being apart of this journey. I hope you enjoy the first half of Chapter 1! Please comment below if you think I should post the chapters on here. I really want to, but I am trying to decide if I should keep as much of the book as I can a secret if I do publish it. I just want to share it NOW, and build up a fanbase for these characters!

Anyway, I now present to you the beginning of Unmask Me (WIP).

My feet move blissfully across the hot concrete while I observe my surroundings. It seems like a good day. The sun glistening from above us. My boyfriend and I. Yes. It’s a good day.

“It’s a good day, isn’t it?” I deliver my thoughts to my significant other.

“A good day, indeed.” He looks at me and smiles. 

Perfect. This day is perfect. The birds are chirping along to the beat of my heart. The beat of a heart in love. At least I think it’s love I’m feeling. I’m in love right? I’ve never been in love, so I guess I’m not really sure. I’m not sure of anything. Literally. I haven’t mentioned my boyfriend’s name because I don’t know his name. I should know his name. I don’t even know where we are. It kinda looks like Central Park without the tall buildings surrounding it. I’ve always dreamed of Central Park without the buildings. It’s a nice view, but I’m tired of the chaos that is New York. 

That’s weird. I’ve dreamed of everything around me. A boyfriend. No one looking at me like I deserve punishment. Central Park without the buildings. It’s like I’m living a dream. Is it a dream?

“Hey.” I look up at my boyfriend. “This is a weird question, but what’s your name?” I see his face, but it’s not really a face. It’s just a person. No features that would be considered unique to him. 

“Tom? You should know that by now. We’re dating.” That accent. That name. He is not my boyfriend.

“Holland?” And there’s the face. He’s no longer a blank canvas. His face goes from nothing to almost a sculpted-like masterpiece. That is definitely the face I see on my wall every morning when I wake up. Yep. This is definitely a dream even though I wish it wasn’t.

“Dallas? Are you okay?” He looks over at me like I’m naked. I look down to make sure I am not. Thankfully, I am wearing the outfit I have been eying at that very expensive store in town. 

“You’re not real. Well, you are very real, but this is not real. It’s all just a dream.” I point at him and then everywhere else. I point at the trees where buildings should be and the people minding their business while two guys are holding hands. I point at myself because I noticed that weight missing when I looked down at that outfit. I’ve always dreamed of being fit, but I know I’m not because I have failed to ever walk into a gym. 

“What’s wrong with that? Dreams are fun. You get to be and do what you want.” I guess he isn’t wrong, but when I wake up, I will have to return to reality. That would be the pool of sweat in my bed, the homophobic jokes I hear every day, and my fucked up brain that conjures up thoughts that it shouldn’t. My life isn’t a gleeful stroll through Central Park with my boyfriend, and I know it never will be. I have accepted that. If I keep dreaming about it, that acceptance will go away and everything will get bad again. It can’t get bad again.

“That’s just getting your hopes up though.” As I say that, I tune everything out, and instead plan how I’m going to wake up. The normal thing to do is pinch yourself, but I feel like that is too Disney sitcom. I wanna be an MTV show, so I instead slap myself. Unfortunately, Tom Holland is still staring at me as we walk on a never ending trail. That slap didn’t work.

I think Tom is talking to me, but like I said before, I am not listening. That is until I hear him say a nickname only one person is allowed to call me.

“Dal? Why did you just slap yourself?” I hate to admit it, but this is a Disney sitcom. As he speaks, his voice transitions to a voice I hear every day. It sounds like my best friend, Kayley, is trying to wake me up on the other side. Thank God.

Waking up from a dream is weird. One minute, you’re wide awake living inside your head, and the next, you’re slowly waking up with the urge to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, Kayley and I have plans today.

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