LGBTQ+ Singers You Need To Listen To

Out of all singers and musicians, it seems like the most overlooked of them all of members of the LGBTQ+ community. It might just be a coincidence, but I think it might have something to do with who they love. That is just my opinion though.

Instead of sitting in my room full of anger over this, I am going to do something about it. I am going to introduce you to these artists who are criminally underlooked. They deserve just as much attention as any of the generic pop singers in your playlist. No shade though. I bop to Ariana Grande bangers everyday too, but I make sure to give time for singers like Conan Gray and Kim Petras too. Hopefully you will too after reading this, and if you see any that aren’t on this list, feel free to bring it to my attention! I might not have heard of them before!

Joy Oladokun

Though I am not as familiar with Joy as I am with other people on this list, I have enjoyed the songs I have heard by her. I discovered her through the Nashville Pride event in June which I wish I could’ve attended. I will definitely keep an eye on Joy due to her raspy voice. It is mesmerizing.

Favorite Song: “Sober”


If this isn’t the first article of mine that you’ve read, there is a chance that you have heard of Myylo already! I also discovered him through the Nashvile Pride Event. His music is such an amazing sound because it doesn’t really fit in a genre. That could be due to him dabbling in Country and Pop. He also has such a kind soul and amazing personality so I would definitely check him out if I was you.

Favorite Song: “Jonesing”

Brandon Stansell

Another one that I discovered through Nashville Pride! Brandon Stansell is an interesting artist. He is an gay singer in the Country music scene which is something you don’t see often. Something else you don’t see often is me saying good things about Country music. With Brandon though, I was by his voice from the first time I heard it. His song “Hometown” is definitely a song to listen to. I still cry everytime I listen to it.

Favorite Song: “Hometown”

Conan Gray

Though I have only recently began listening to Conan Gray, it definitely wasn’t the first time I have heard of him. He actually popped up on my Twitter newsfeed several times before following him. He seems to be a big hit with the people I follow, and I now understand why that is. His unique voice will capture you from the beginning. He reminds me a bit of someone that will appear later on in this list. (Spoiler alert: it is Dodie.)

Favorite Song: “Checkmate” and “Crush Culture” (Couldn’t choose just one)

Aidan Alexander

Those eyes are enough to stan him, but his sound is the real star. Once his music starts, you’ll be teleported to a whole different world. He has a sound similar to singers like Billie Eilish. There’s a haunting aspect to his music that will give you the chills. His song “Melancholia” will not only give you chills, but it may bring on a few tears. I feel like everyone can relate to that song as it is practically a list of things that may stress someone out. I know I can…

Favorite Song: “Melancholia”

King Princess

King Princess has a voice of an angel. AN ANGEL. As you are reading this, you should be adding all of her songs to your playlist. Please and thank you. “1950” is a bop and a half. “Cheap Queen” is also a bop and a half. Have fun! 🙂

Favorite Song: “1950” and “Cheap Queen” (Couldn’t choose just one.. again)

Kim Petras

Kim Petras. Kim FREAKING Petras. Her voice. Her stage presence. Her personality. Her beauty. Like DAMN. I know I am fanboying just a bit, but I love Kim Petras so much! Last year in October, I ad the pleasure of seeing her as the opening act at Troye Sivan’s concert in Atlanta. Her voice was crystal clear with amazing song lyrics to back it up. I would love to see her live again. please check her music out if you haven’t already!!! We need more mainstream trans talent, and she would be a great addition to the mainstream!!

Favorite Song: “All the Time” and “Hillside Boys” (Couldn’t choose just one.. again again)

Keiynan Lonsdale

Keiynan is an amazing human. I was in love with tree even before tree started music. Tree was Kid Flash in the CW’s “Flash” , and then from there, tree was in “Love, Simon”. That movie actually helped tree come to terms with his sexuality. That is also around the time that tree dabbled a bit in music. Keiynan is still relatively new to the music scene, but tree is currently working on an album so fingers crossed that we will get that soon! Before I move on to the next artist, you’re probably wondering why I am using “tree” as Keiynan’s pronoun. Tree spoke up saying tree preferred “tree” as his pronoun so I will honor that.

Favorite Song: “Kiss the Boy”

Greyson Chance

If you were born in the late 90s or early 00s, you know exactly who this is. Only issue is you probably haven’t heard about him since you were a kid. Well, he is back and better than ever. Check him out because you will never believe how much his voice has changed. Go do yourself a favor, and go listen to “Waiting Outside the Lines” before listening to “shut up”. The transformation is magical. His new album is magical too. Everything about this man is magical!

Favorite Song: “shut up” and “Low” (I am really indecisive… I hate being a Libra sometimes)


Dodie is adodieble. FREAKING ADODIEBLE. She got her start on Youtube and is now exploring the music scene a bit more. Just remember how many singers got their start on Youtube. There is Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Troye Sivan, Shawn Mendes, and the late Christina Grimmie. One day, Dodie unique sound will join the likes of those people. Dodie is so open about mental health, and we need more singers who start conversations about topics like that. She is an amazing person!

Favorite Song: “Secret For the Mad”

Let’s all come together and get these amazing artists on all the charts!! If enough people band together for these ten, I will make a part 2 with with ten more artists! I have about 7 artists for part 2 so please send me more LGBTQ+ artists! 🙂 Please like, comment, and share to let others know about these musicians with impeccable talent!

*Credits to the photographer of each photo used in this article.*

Writer: Noah Purser

Bio: I’m a gay teen who just likes to write about the things I loves! I hope you enjoy what I have to say, and feel free to contact me at the social medias I have listed below!!


Snapchat: nbama

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