IT Chapter 2 Final Trailer Reaction

Hi guys! It’s Comic-Con week! Even though this is mostly Disney’s show, Warner Bros showed up last night at Scare Diego to showcase the sequel to 2017’s IT. The trailer they showcased last night finally debuted this morning at 11am CST. which means it is time for me to talk about it.

Before jumping into the trailer, I have got to let you know that I am nervous for this movie. I enjoyed the first movie, but a certain casting for the sequel terrifies me for the reputation of this franchise. I’m sure you have all guessed it by now since I’m definitely not the only person to voice my disagreement with this casting, but it is the one and only Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh. Chastain has not been an outright disgrace to our movie screens, but her personality and desire to be front and center scares me for this movie. I am nervous that this will become the Jessica Chastain show. The first trailer hinted at that, and I am afraid this trailer will confirm it. I am open to a surprise, but I still believe Bryce Dallas Howard would have been a slightly better addition to this film. With that said, I am still excited for this movie, and I am very impatient so let’s watch this trailer.

Oh… look at that. Jessica Chastain in the title card. Let’s get this started I guess.

0:02 – that view… DAMN

0:13 – seeing how Mike differs from everyone else considering how he remembers everything will be interesting.

0:20 – That’s cool!

0:30 – That shot! Wow. Pennywise is truly the star of these movies. He looks amazing.

0:56 – …Pennywise… THE CHILLS. That delivery though… YIKES

1:20 – THAT TONGUE THO AHAHAHAH. Also James McAvoy kicking the glass. Dang… That is good acting.

1:32 – The transition from old to young. Pretty cool.

1:33 – 35 – AH Incredible scene. Powerful. The face acting. AHHH. Is that Teach Grant as Henry Bowers??? Wow.

1:45 – That scene with the balloons might be my favorite shot of this whole trailer.

1:59 – That delivery!!! Look at you Chastain!!! Good job.

2:08 – I also love this!! The anger and terror in Chastain’s eyes makes it even better. And the glass!!


That was good…

Not only did Jessica Chastain make me feel a bit better about her casting (only a bit better), but the ending intrigues me so much!! I actually have not read the book and even though I have the 1990 IT on disc, I haven’t had time to watch it. Therefore, there are some things in here I might not understand as well as others, but I’m so interested to know what all of that was. It’s still kind of a mystery to it which I like. That’s definitely what they are going for considering this is the first trailer after the teaser trailer and it’s the last!! I really enjoy not knowing too much about the movie, but I’m too intrigued to ignore trailers so I love it when trailers don’t reveal too much. I still have my worries about this movie. I just feel like Jessica Chastain is a risky choice, and Warner Bros usually doesn’t do good with risks. I am hoping this is good, and this trailer does make me feel better about it. It makes me feel better about Chastain in the movie. It makes me feel better about the visuals. It makes me feel better about the movie as a whole. I was thinking of dream casting Beverly, but I am not going to due to my change of opinion on Jessica Chastain. I still don’t think she is the perfect choice, but in terms of looks, she is the best choice besides MAYBE Bryce Dallas Howard and Amy Adams. I do believe Chastain is a better choice than Adams though so I think they might’ve actually made the right decision. We will have to see when the movie comes out though! All I can say is this trailer excites me. I’m not sold yet, but I’m negotiating hardcore. It’s looking good!

I have also made a friend recently who I have talked to quite a bit about IT and Stephen King as a whole. It’s interesting learning more about IT. It makes this trailer slightly more interesting. So props The Queens of Geekdom!!

IT: Chapter 2 hits theaters September 6th! Go see it or the movie will float without you!!

Writer: Noah Purser

Bio: Hey! My name is Noah Purser and I’m freshly out of high school and will be going to college soon. I really wanted to do something with my passion for writing, film and other things in that spectrum. My itch for sharing that with others turned into a rash so I had to do something about it. So I’m here! I hope you enjoy what I have to say, but if you don’t… meh.


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