Watchmen Comic-Con Trailer Reaction

Here I am with another trailer reaction from Comic-Com, but this time, it is a trailer for a TV Series from HBO. A TV Series I am actually pretty excited about. To be fair, I am not drenched in Watchmen knowledge like I am with other properties I talk about on here, but it is a DC property so I will check it out!

Let’s see if I am impressed with the first official trailer! The teaser trailer was pretty good.

0:05 – What the hell is this costume design? HBO has money. They need to spend it.

0:23 – REGINA KING!!!

0:34 – THAT LINE AND THE DELIVERY! Also her hair looks great.

0:35 – I love the editing here. Going from the “black and white” line to this shot is great.

0:50 – Great line! Delivery was good too.

1:00 – I love the clock ticking. Again, the editing is great in this trailer.

1:13 – “Who doesn’t want a secret identity?” This is interesting because that is the norm for heroes and sometimes villains. We don’t think about it too much, but what if everyone started putting masks on for the simple sensation of being secret?

1:48 – Regina behind a mask!

2:18 – So far, I am not impress. It kind of looks like a joke to me. HBO is better than this.

2:30 – I don’t know who that is, but that costume design looks good. I couldn’t get a great shot though.

That was boring. I didn’t care for any of it. I might not understand too much about Watchmen, but I love stuff like this. They need to appeal to people who love stuff like this. Not only to people who like Watchmen. I feel like the audience for this is very limited. I, unfortunately, believe I am not in that audience. I will give the first episode a chance, but that is it. I didn’t even think Regina King was that good, and I love her. This just seems all over the place for me, and DC needs a homerun more than anything.

I just didn’t catch myself caring to comment on much. I am usually pausing every few seconds to type something, but I was instead rewinding the trailer because I was zoning out. Maybe I should go back and watch the movie. That might help me understand this trailer more.

Watchmen premieres in October on HBO. WATCH it! Or don’t. I don’t care.

Writer: Noah Purser

Bio: Hey! My name is Noah Purser and I’m freshly out of high school and will be going to college soon. I really wanted to do something with my passion for writing, film and other things in that spectrum. My itch for sharing that with others turned into a rash so I had to do something about it. So I’m here! I hope you enjoy what I have to say, but if you don’t… meh.


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