DC Universe’s Harley Quinn Trailer Reaction – Comic Con 2019

Finally! Something DC Related. Marvel is definitely dominating, but as a DC fan, I want DC news!! I am hoping we will get more DC news soon. Since the DC movies sat out for Comic Con 2019, I am hoping for some good news from them soon! I am hoping there isn’t anymore bad news.

Speaking of bad news, I am really hoping this Harley Quinn trailer is good! It needs to be good. Let’s see if it’s anything worth watching!

Nice to see Batman in the thumbnail! Also look at Harley Quinn’s hair! Yay!

0:01 – This was expected, but the warning is nice. Since it is animated, it is important for people that it is not for children’s eyes and ears.

0:06 – There is so much so quickly that I don’t know what to cover! I went through the first few seconds and had to keep pausing! Joker’s design looks good. Just your basic Joker.

0:07 – All the villains! Black Manta. Penguin. The Riddler. Reverse Flash. I am not sure who that white and green villain is… And Scarecrow… who doesn’t look his best. He looks like he belongs in a G-rated animated TV show. He doesn’t blend with the others.

0:18 – The Harley Quinn origin! It seems like a lot of Joker will be present.

0:21 – There are so many of these characters that I am not familiar with, and I am very familiar with DC characters! I hope they do a good job at introducing so many characters.

0:24 – That shirt! Looks like her teenager phase haha

0:34 – I actually like the adult content in this. It seems authentic. It looks like fun for older people!

0:44 – OH MY GOD!!! Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy is being hinted at!!! I ship them so hard!

0:49 – That cast! Although, I am unsure if I like Kaley Cuoco as Harley Quinn… Her voice isn’t quirky enough…

0:56 – Amazing shot! So amazing that I have to snip it for you! The villains in the background! There is Cheetah! Captain Cold! I love him! I also like Poison Ivy’s casual look. It’s interesting to see Aquaman show up so much in this trailer! Hmmm.

1:00 – Hmmm. I wonder if they’re gonna introduce a relationship between Harley Quinn and Batman. They seem pretty close…

EXCITING!!! Pretty good trailer. Jam-packed with stuff to talk about!!! All of the villains and superheroes showcased here is insane! It isn’t just Harley Quinn’s show! Although, I hope it feels like her show. I don’t want everyone else to drown her out! It is called “Harley Quinn” for a reason!

I will definitely watch this show! It seems like a fun time! What do you think? Let me know down below! Like, comment, share! More posts coming throughout the week!

Writer: Noah Purser

Bio: Hey! My name is Noah Purser and I’m freshly out of high school and will be going to college soon. I really wanted to do something with my passion for writing, film and other things in that spectrum. My itch for sharing that with others turned into a rash so I had to do something about it. So I’m here! I hope you enjoy what I have to say, but if you don’t… meh.


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