Marvel Comic-Con Galore! – Thor 4

As Comic-Con comes to an end soon, Marvel comes out to shake the world of geeks and movie-goers. There was announcement after announcement with a few sprinkled about that we have already heard about. There was Black Widow news, Shang Che casting announcements, Thor 4 new, and so much more!

With all of the news announced, it is impossible to do blog posts for each announcement/property! Although, I will do single blog posts for a few announcements, and I will roll the rest into one blog post. My first single blog post will be about the new Thor movie!!!

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This is a big deal for many reasons! Marvel characters have always gotten the trilogy treatment. Even with Avengers, Endgame acted as a part 2 to Infinity War. Iron Man, the face of Marvel for the longest time, only got 3 movies, but Thor is going beyond that! There is a perfect explanation for that as Thor recently got a revamp in Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok. In fact, Taika Waititi is going to continue in this franchise as the director for this movie! Thor’s revamp was so popular, and people didn’t want to see the end quite yet! As you can see, Kevin Feige listened.

Before you assume my thoughts about this news, I am not completely sold on this movie. For starters, the name sounds like a joke. I am always down for a new Thor movie, but you can’t throw this name at me without me laughing at it. I know this revamp of Thor is funny and cheesy, but not even Thor: Ragnarok had that amount of cheesiness. I am open to having my mind changed, but at the moment, I am just not digging this joke of a name. I really hope Jane Foster and Thor doesn’t act like they’re in love like they were never apart… because they were.

I actually have mixed feelings with Natalie Portman coming back as Jane Foster/Lady Thor. For starters, Portman wanted out of these movies. Don’t let her back in just because the movies are actually good now and she will have a larger role. She was like a stale chip in Thor: The Dark World. I know that movie had other issues too, but she was part of the issue. I don’t want another movie screwed up because of her. I will say that I am interested to see the cancer storyline on the big screen. In the comics, Jane Foster had cancer so she became Lady Thor to be brought back to full health. To have cancer patients represented in a Marvel movie is amazing.

Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s talk about the good because I don’t like focusing on the bad. I love Thor!

Again, Thor is coming back! I bet Hemsworth will have fun rubbing this in Chris Evan’s face! I know I would. To be fair, Chris Evan’s third entry in the Captain America Trilogy was practically Avengers 2.5 so there was no reason for a 4th movie. With a 4th movie, Taika Waititi will have more time to explore what he introduced in Thor: Ragnarok. What I mean by that is Valkyrie being the first LGBTQ+ character in the MCU. During the panel, Tessa Thompson claimed that her character, as the new king, will be looking for her queen so it looks like that is happening! I am so excited for MCU to be taking more risks. I am tired of the same formula. A character having an LGBTQ-related storyline in a movie of this caliber is definitely a risk. A risk that I am happy they are taking!

Though I have my concerns, I am happy to see a Marvel movie starring not only one but two females! It may be Thor’s movie, but Introducing Valkyrie’s sexuality and Jane Foster as Lady Thor will mean they will be a big part of this movie! I am just interested to see how all of this ties together. What will change about Jane Foster since she was in the bland Thor movies. Taika Waititi will surely want to spice her character up besides the Lady Thor development.

Are you excited to see what Taika Waititi does with these characters in Thor: Love and Thunder? Let me know in the comments below!! Like and share this post to let others know about this exciting development!! Also expect more MCU Coverage soon!!!

Writer: Noah Purser

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