My Reflection

I looked into the mirror as I rubbed my eyes from a long night’s sleep, but I didn’t see the person I am. The person I was. You see, my life is like a fresh painting. It’s still wet so everyone steers clear from it before it’s dry. Although, there’s always someone who doesn’t listen to the warnings. That one person that says “Oh, nothing will happen! I’ll be careful.” He wasn’t careful. Not enough anyway. Paint splattered on the floor. The paint on the bottom-right corner is now in the center. It’s a completely different painting. I’m a completely different me. I’m someone that I would steer clear from, but I can’t run away from myself even though I’ve tried. Here’s another day of wishing the paint would hurry up and dry.

Don’t worry. I’m okay. I was partly relating this to myself, but I also was thinking of a friend of mine. Thank you for reading and please let me know what you think. I’m going to be doing posts like this a lot because it helps and it’s all I have time for. ❤

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I’m just a dood tryna figure myself out. I write about shows, movies, the LGBTQ+ community, Pop Culture, and my original fiction work!!

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