Are You The One? Season 8 Discussion (Episode 6)

Bear with me because I am trying to remember the main points for this episode. It is 2 am, and I forgot to type up my thoughts during the episode. I am pretty sure I will get the main points though. Let’s just start it up with Justin and Max…

The Boom Boom Room!!! They might’ve been in there before, but I believe this is the first time we have seen Justin and Max in there. If this is the first time, that shows real love between them two. It seemed like everyone else just wanted to get in there as quickly as possible. They’re truly the couple that I will root for until the end which is why the rest of the house is driving me insane.

I still can’t believe Jonathan is still hooked on Justin. He really screwed it up for the whole house, but I will talk about that later.

Jonathan isn’t the only one that screwed it up because the house had a chance to get Justin and Max in the Truth Booth. In fact, Jonathan voted to get them in there. It may have been for the wrong reason, but he still did what I wanted everyone else to do.

I am not gonna sit here and say that they were wrong for voting Kari and Kylie in there. I was very confident in them before this episode. I still would have voted for Max and Justin because of my confidence in Kylie and Kari. They would’ve gotten more answers with Max and Justin. Why vote for someone if you are confident that they are a beam? I was more confident in Kylie and Kari so I would’ve voted for Justin and Max.

I still can’t believe Nour thought her plan would work. It was in her’s and Amber’s favor even though they aren’t a match. They need to actually have a plan instead of focusing on one or two couples they THINK are matches. They need to venture out like Kai is doing.

I say that like I am confident in Kai and Jasmine when I am not. I also say that like I think he is actually venturing out when he is not. *watch the preview for next week* I will say that I am happy he is trying though. I can’t blame him for Jenna being upset even though I felt terrible for her. Kai is just trying to find his match. It just makes that hard when they are living in a house together.

I love what Paige did so much. Jenna was heartbroken, and Paige was there to patch her heart up. Paige is freaking amazing guys. I am an Ostrich.

Now, let’s just talk about that blackout because WOW. Next week is going to be a blood bath. It is going to be Jonathan vs the house. I can’t say I blame them. I would be mad. I know he is trying to find his match, but he should’ve stopped chasing Justin a long time ago. I am happy to see that he is finally moving on to Basit according to the preview for next week. I just wish he would’ve done that a long time ago.

I laughed at the end when the realization that Max and Justin is a max-tch slapped them in the face. (I had to haha) I heard a few people say “I knew it”, and not many people can say that so stop trying to act like you knew. Only people to my knowledge that saw what they had was Remy, Amber, and maybe one or two more. I am just so happy that everyone knows now. I really hope they get put in the truth booth next week.

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That’s all I have to say besides the predictions even though I am sure I am missing a few things. I hope you liked this. Like, comment, follow, and share. Tune in for next week’s AYTO post! 🙂

Disclaimer: Please don’t take the “shade” seriously in this post. I am just saying what I think about what these individuals are doing in the house. I am not speaking on who they are because I do not know them.

Predictions Before Episode 6:

  • Kylie – Kari
  • Justin – Max
  • Remy – Basit
  • Paige – Danny
  • Brandon – Aasha
  • Jasmine – Nour
  • Jonathan – Kai
  • Jenna – Amber

Predictions After Episode 6:

Justin & Max – I really thought I was going to be taking these two off my predictions list after this episode. I wanted them to be a match, but I was starting to doubt it. Thank GOD this episode came along because I am so confident they are a match. I know I was confident about Kylie and Kari, but I think I am right this time. We know Nour/Amber and Kari/Kylie aren’t matches so Justin/Max has to be. I am so happy because they’re finally gonna have their “I told you so” moment in the house.

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Brandon & Aasha – These two are finally catching onto something I saw after an episode or two. After a lot of studying and Danny-like notes, I am pretty sure they were a beam along with Basit and Jonathan during week two.

Paige & Amber – I am not surprised, but I really thought Danny and Paige would be a match. I am pretty confident in this though. I didn’t spend hours on notes and studying the episodes for nothing.

Jasmine & Nour – This was actually a prediction of mine last week, but if you read last week’s post, you’ll know I was guessing. Looks like guessing works out sometimes. I’m pretty confident in most of these. This is one of them. I don’t really think they’d work out, but I am not an expert on this.

Jonathan & Basit – I have not been confident in these two, but it looks like they were one of those two beams in week two. It also looks like Jonathan will be coming around next week since he knows Justin isn’t his match. I really hope he gives Basit a chance because they deserve it.

Image result for they deserve it

Kari & Jenna – The remaining predictions, besides one of them, is simply just based off of studying the match-up ceremonies. Although, I could see this. They’re both quirky and funny even though Jenna hides it sometimes. I think Kari could bring out that side of her.

Kylie & Danny – I honestly can’t see this one, but Kari and Danny are both very quirky. With that said, Kylie might have a thing for quirky people. We will see. This might not even be a match. These last few can be interchangeable.

Kai & Remy – They both like sex a lot. I also think Remy is a better person than he lets on so I think he can bring out the best in Kai. As long as they don’t allow the sex to take over, I think they could be a good match.

Writer: Noah Purser

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