Are You The One? Season 8 Discussion (Episode 7)

WARNING: This post is a mess because it was written at 3 am. Though that is my primetime for my emo elegance to shine, that isn’t the case for my reality show goodness. Good luck!!!

I am here to talk about episode 7 of Are You The One?, but I honestly don’t have much to say. I feel like this episode was meant to be shocking, but it didn’t work for me. Maybe this whole prediction thing is sucking the fun out of it, Anyway, I still have a few things to say so let’s get into it so I can sleep.

For starters, Remy needs to take Taylor Swift’s advice and CALM DOWN. I’m not gonna lie, I would’ve furious too, but there’s a time when you just gotta stop. I was hearing him yelling in the background a good ten minutes after he yelled at Jonathan. If I was Jonathan, I would’ve played it safe, but they are told to play with their heart. I’m assuming that is what Jonathan was trying to do so I can’t blame him for that. Although, I do think he was stuck on a certain body type when they have to look for what they need. Justin is what he wants, but it isn’t what he needs. (Spoiler alert: Basit is what he needs.)

I’m just saying, I almost peed my pants when Basit said “Glad we had this talk.” while slowly walking away from Jonathan. That is such a Basit thing to do, and I love how they just put a little bit of shade in there. They are so extra, and I am living for it.

Nour and Amber is dead, and I am actually kind of sad about it. After a few episodes, I knew they weren’t a match, and I was even happy they weren’t because the relationship went downhill. Although, they had me from the beginning. They were just so adorable. Although, I kind of chuckled when Amber said she was kind of happy they weren’t a match. Nour just isn’t the one for her, and she deserves to be HAPPY.

Let’s talk about Aasha for a second because she kind of made me angry. In episode 4, she picked Max at the match-up ceremony. She split Justin and Max up because of that threesome fantasy she had with them. Fast-forward to when Max gets in the way of Brandon and Aasha because Jonathan picks Justin… She gets upset. I understand that she wanted to sit with him. If she sat with him, they wouldn’t have blacked-out. Although, Max was just picking someone he had some sort of connection with. He had no choice. I am not throwing shade because I have actually grown to like Aasha a lot, but it just kind of bothered me.

I lowkey just want to talk about the ending so let’s quickly talk about Kai. There’s a lot to cover. For one, him and Nour is an odd pairing that I don’t understand. I kind of think it’s funny because I think Nour and Jasmine is a match. Jasmine and Kai kind of had a thing going for a second there. Anyway, they aren’t a match so they better keep moving. ALSO he needs to stay away from Jenna. He needs to let her move on because she needs it more than anything. I think she might be going towards that with help from Remy, and I really hope she is able to do so. Last thing I will say is I literally screamed when he went straight to Jasmine after that thing with Jenna.

Okay that’s all with Kai. Let’s move on now. Nothing to see. (Talks about Kai in like 5 seconds)

Brandon and Aasha is a match. YAY. But like this is not surprising. I am just happy they have someone in the Honeymoon Suite!!! Jonathan and Basit are also a perfect match!! They don’t know that yet, but I will talk about that in my predictions.

The last thing I am going to say is Danny needs to keep moving on. I adore him, and Kai just isn’t his match. When I heard him say Kai’s name at the ceremony, I just got angry. I really want this cast to win, but it is becoming unlikely. Although, season 7 was able to pull it altogether last minute so we will see!


Brandon & Aasha (confirmed) – FINALLY. This is a couple I was pretty confident in to begin with. I am happy to see them as the first perfect match even if it’s a little later than I hoped.

Basit & Jonathan (confirmed) – I think it’s really odd that MTV confirmed they are a match even though the cast doesn’t know yet. I am happy Basit will have their “I told you so” moment with Jonathan, but this is just a weird way of doing it.

Max & Justin – They are SO A MATCH and it makes me so happy. I am confident in all of my predictions, but this one just makes me ecstatic. They’re perfect together.

Paige & Amber – When I have said they are a match, my mom will argue saying they do not go good together. Although, once I showed her my notes, she was convinced. When they sat together in the third match-up ceremony, they were one of the beams along with Nour and Jasmine. That week in terms of who sat together was pretty random so I was afraid it would throw me off. Although, it was actually pretty easy to figure out who wasn’t a match. For example, the two confirmed matches did not sit together that night so that eliminates three couples from being matches. Since Max sat with Aasha and I am confident in Max and Justin being a match, I eliminated Jenna and Justin from being a perfect match. Kylie and Kari are a confirmed no match from the Truth Booth. It also makes no sense for Kai and Danny to be a match. Besides, they sat together during this episode (Episode 7) when a confirmed match and Max/Justin sat together. Just connect the dots. Paige and Amber is a MATCH.

Jonathan – Brandon
Aasha – Max
Paige – Amber
Kai – Danny
Remy – Basit
Kylie – Kari
Jenna – Justin
Jasmine – Nour

Jasmine & Nour – I am afraid these two will never give it a shot.. If you saw the previews for Episode 8, you know what I mean. I hope this fight isn’t too serious because they need to make up and make out. They’re definitely a match. Just look at my evidence above.

Kylie/Danny, Kai/Remy, and Kari/Jenna – For these next three, I am just gonna say a few words and take a picture of my notes. For Kylie and Danny, I have no explanation besides the fact that they have to be a match. With Kai and Remy, it is a bit more complicated. They have had a little fling. I don’t see how they haven’t realized that they are a match because they are both extremely sexual AND they are both open to a polyamorous relationship. I know Remy isn’t happy with how Kai has treated Jenna, but he needs to put that aside. Finally, Kari and Jenna could actually work. Even though I don’t have much of an explanation besides my notes, I could see them being a good couple.

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