A to Z Things to Do When You’re Sad

We always have those days when we just want to sit in our bed and cry, and honestly, feel free to do that. Crying can sometimes be the best thing to do. Although, there are so many things you can do when you’re sad. It just depends on what you believe what is best for you. You can either push those emotions out or do things to make you happy. Only DON’T for you this evening is do not minimize you’re feelings because that is unhealthy. Your feelings are IMPORTANT. Therefore, you need to treat them well. In doing so, you need to find what works for you. I have made a list below that might help you!


Because a good classic game never hurt anyone.

Bake a Cake

Because cakes make everyone happy.


Because it’s relaxing even if it doesn’t seem like it. Disconnect yourself from internet, and see nature for what it really is.

Dinner and a Movie

Because food and entertainment for the night is just a perfect night.

Eat New Things

Because new experiences equals good vibes. But seriously, they’re good for your mind.

Feel the Emotions

Because keeping your emotions bottled up is the worst thing to do for yourself.

Go Somewhere New

Because like I said before, new things are always good for your mind.


Because it’s something to keep your body and mind active.

Ice Skating

Because it is fun and puts a smile on your face unless you fall and bruise your knee.


Because a laugh fixes everything. (Not really, but that would be cool.)


Because belting out the lyrics to “Sweet Home Alabama” is as refreshing as an ice cold cup of lemonade

Learn Something

Because the feeling of achieving something new is amazing.

Make Something with Paint

Because painting is therapeutic, and it’s so satisfying to see a finished painting.

Night Driving

Because driving alone in the dark with music blasting is so soothing.

Operate a Video Game

Because strolling through NYC as Spider-Man is a vibe. (And I couldn’t think of anything else.)

Practice Something You Like Doing

Because there is always more room to improve on something.

Quit Overthinking.

Because our brains are messed up, and we always need a reminder that we can take control.


Because it improves your physical and mental health.


Because it is a good way to stay active.

Talk to someone

Because everyone can use a shoulder to cry on.

Use Your Emotions For Art

Because many famous artworks are inspired by sadness and pain.


Because everyone can use an escape sometimes.

Watch a musical

Because music is calming, and many musicals just make you feel like you aren’t alone.


Because learning an instrument can be extremely therapeutic.

Yell into a pillow.

Because you can let out your emotions to your pillow when everything else fails.


Because who would turn down a good nap? It can relax you in so many ways!

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