5&5: The Future of Horror (Sincerely Scary)

The future of horror is looking to be a fun ride! Let’s first discuss what I wish would be included in that ride, and then we will discuss what is confirmed!

What I Want to See

THE MAIDEN Full-length Film

Warner Bros NEEDS to invest in this story! They already have the director, Michael Chaves, in their corner of Hollywood. I haven’t been completely sold with him as a director, but I can’t judge The Curse of La Llarona since I have not watched it. All I know is that it did not receive a positive consensus. With THE MAIDEN though, he captured the story wonderfully. I love that short film so much, and I need to see it on the big screen with a bigger budget and longer running time. I have my suspicion that The Curse of La Llarona just wasn’t paired well with Chaves. I think with the right movie, he can do an amazing job! I think Conjuring 3 is perfect for him so I am hoping he does well with that film. Who knows.. He may end up directing a full-length version of THE MAIDEN if Conjuring 3 is a success! Let’s hope. If you have never seen THE MAIDEN, do yourself a favor and watch it below.

Better Horror Universes

Let’s just admit that the Conjuring Universe has seen better days. They are over-saturating the franchise with these mediocre spin-offs. It’s sad because there used to be a lot of potential in the franchise. I am hoping they can revive it, but we will have to wait and see. Either way, I want to see more horror universes in Hollywood. I am talking MCU, but instead of superheroes, we have ghost hunters and demons. Just imagine how amazing that would be. Every film linked together to make an amazing story come together. I could just imagine one big scary demon using all of these smaller and weaker demons to distract the ghosthunters from realizing his big plan. AHHH. Just movie after movie featuring these other demons until the ghosthunters catch on, and they have to take on the big demon. Once he is defeated, it opens up the gates of hell, and just when the ghosthunters think they have a break, they have to take on even nastier and bigger threats. This needs to happen.

Dear Warner Bros.,

Get on this now! I need it in my life.

Sincerely Yours, Noah Purser

Plot Before Jumpscares

Jumpscares really aren’t THAT scary. I’ve watched a lot of scary movies, and that isn’t what scares me. It’s the interestingly creepy characters and storylines that make my skin crawl. That should be obvious. The Shining is one of my favorite films of all time. With that said, I want more films like The Shining. We don’t want weird looking character jumping at us. We want interesting stories that manage to scare us.

More Representation

Most horror films feature white and straight characters. Even with IT, there is only one female and one POC in the main cast. We need more representation. While change is happening in other corners of Hollywood, Horror remains to be the one corner that hasn’t changed over the years. While there are films like Get Out, there is still a lot of room to grow. In fact, to my knowledge, there isn’t any mainstream Horror films with LGBTQ+ characters! That needs to change.

To the genre’s credit, women representation is much better than you’d think. In fact, big horror franchises like Scream and Halloween is led by female talent! There is still room to grow, but that is still a feather in Horror’s cap. Let’s just hope they step it up with other groups that need more representation.

No More Remakes

I am over all of these remakes. Be original, Hollywood. It isn’t that hard. I’m not a horror writer, and even I was able to come up with a decent and original story for an entire movie universe. 2019 is already shaping up to be another year of remakes and sequels so let’s up 2020 is the year for horror. I know I am saying this while dedicating a whole entire week to a remake/suquel, but I love IT so give me a break. Besides, IT is like the only remake/sequel that has received good reviews besides Halloween. To prove it, just look below.

Ugh. I won’t say anything.
On the bright side, look how many user ratings there are! Wow.
There is no bright side on this one.
Again, no bright side.
At least the critics didn’t HATE it.
Talk about divisive…

You get the point by now. Stop with the remakes and sequels. We do not need a remake of I Know What You Did Last Summer. (If that actually happens, I will scream.)

What I Can’t Wait to See

Doctor Sleep

How can you not be excited for this? A sequel to The Shining with Ewan Mcgregor starring as an adult Danny? SIGN ME UP. I can’t even describe my excitement for this film. 1. Warner Bros will always be my favorite studio. 2. The Shining is one my favorite films ever. 3. Ewan Mcgregor is Ewan Mcgregor. 4. The trailer is awesome. And 5. IT IS THE SEQUEL TO THE SHINING.

In conclusion, watch the trailer so you can be as excited as I am.


I am so excited to see big franchises venture out into the horror genre. We will talk about MCU doing the same later, but to be honest, there’s more excitement surrounding this project for me. A horror film about The Joker? How could you not be excited? This will certainly make my skin crawl, and I can’t wait for that. Also Joaquin Phoenix is perfect for this!! The trailer was beautiful, and there’s just something about this movie that excites me. Maybe it’s the fact that it is bringing horror to one of my favorite franchises!! Either way, I can’t contain my excitement for this film. There might actually a trailer for this film in front of IT Chapter 2. In that case, there will be a reaction posted for sure. *I am currently editing this, and that new trailer has been released. Since it was released before Horror Week, I decided not to react to it, but it was amazing and has just added the my excitement. The trailer is below!*

A Quiet Place 2

2018’s A Quiet Place was one of my favorite films of the entire year so you could just imagine how excited I was to hear there was going to be a sequel. I know I just got done ranting about the sequels and remakes in the horror genre, but this movie is different. If you watched the first film, you know what I mean. There is still more to tell. With most sequels, they are there for money, and they usually aren’t even good. I have faith that A Quiet Place 2 is going to be different. I heard they start filming recently so I can’t wait to see some footage!!

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Image result for doctor strange in the multiverse of madness logo

Come on! Who isn’t excited for a horror film in the MCU? I’m sure it won’t be piss-your-pants scary because it’s Disney, but either way, I’m excited to see what happens!! I am also happy to hear that Scarlet Witch will be in the film. Considering how the character reacted in the comics after Vision died, I have a feeling that the “madness” will be Scarlet Witch. I’m also a big fan of Doctor Strange and his first film so of course I’m excited for the second installment in the Doctor Strange series!

In The Tall Grass

Image result for in the tall grass

Before preparing my notes for this article, I knew nothing about this film. I still don’t know too much, but a film based off of a Stephen King and Joe Hill novella with Patrick Wilson in the lead role is definitely something I’d watch. I love Patrick Wilson as an actor. His work in films like Insidious, Conjuring, and Aquaman is amazing! The coverage over this film has been very light which is expected with a Netflix film. Although, I’m not even sure when it is going to be released. I THINK it is going to be on Netflix on October 4th, 2019, but Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source. Either way, I’m excited for this one.

What do you want to see or can’t wait to see? Is it something that I did not list in this post? Please let me know! Let’s have a conversation about the future of horror in the comments below until we have more to talk about tomorrow!!!

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