Let’s Watch Some Horror on Netflix! (Sincerely Scary)

Have you ever needed to fulfill a horror itch, but didn’t know what to watch and what not to watch? To be honest, that is me everyday. I always feel the desire to watch a horror film, but I just don’t know what to watch. I want to watch a good film, but there are so many rotten films in the horror genre. That is a big reason why I decided to do Horror Week. I want to venture out into the genre to help not only me but everyone to find more films in the genre worth watching. To do that, I am also going to suffer some not so good films as well.

I believe the best first step into venturing out into the genre is going to Netflix. They have many horror films, and it’s a great way to watch horror films on a budget. In this post, I will review five horror films on Netflix. I will also continue this type of post in the future as it will become a regular series on my blog. Let’s find horror films together!


Rating: 1/10

While Mother! was a bad film that was well-crafted, this was just a bad film that was terrible all around. It wanted to capitalize on IT’s success, but it instead seemed to capitalize on every other clown movie out there because let’s be honest, Pennywise is the only cinematic clown out there.

The only compliment I can give this film is that the lead is the equivalent of a Neve Campbell that can’t act. That isn’t even a compliment… that’s how bad this film was.

This film also challenged the question “How far is too far?” I know the answer to that, and this film is that answer. None of it made sense so they decided to cover the terrible script with blood. That didn’t work.

The only REAL good thing I can conjure up from watching this film is Art the Clown. He was truly terrifying. He made my skin crawl, and I may actually change my opinion on clowns now. Before this film, I didn’t understand why people were scared of clowns. I understand now. I’m on board with the “scared of clowns” club.


Rating: 5.5/10

*As I am editing this, I realize this film is better than I thought. I had to process it. I am not changing the ranking because I still believe I enjoyed the films below more than this one. Just keep in mind that what you are about to read was my first impression after watching it. I like it more now after about a week.*

By no means a great film, but Creep is still a masterpiece in its own way. Mark Duplass is a mastermind who managed to create a character on par with Jack Torrence in The Shining. Since I’m comparing this film to one of the greatest horror films of all time, you’d think I’d give this film a stellar review, but that’s not the case. There’s so much good to talk about in this film, but the dullness of the film was a blanket over the good. The antagonist in this film — Wait. — I take that back. Josef is not an antagonist. He is a troubled soul who managed to creep me out in a non-creepy film that’s called Creep. Confusing right? I still don’t understand it. I just felt that while Duplass’ character was creepy, the script was just boring so it did nothing to have me on the edge of my seat. It’s disappointing considering how everything else was spot on. The directing and acting was as good as it could be in a film of this caliber. Patrick Kack-Brice did a fine job at playing the role of Aaron while also directing the film. This being my second found footage film (my first, Cloverfield, also in this list.), I am growing more fond of the genre. It brings realism to the horror genre that heavily edited beauty shots just do not have.

I am looking forward to watching the second film hoping it does something for me that this film did not. All that has to be done is a better script, and we will have an amazing horror film on our hands. Either way, I have to give credit where it is due. Patrick and Mark handles this film pretty much on their own. They are the stars of the film as well as the only writers on the script. Patrick also directed the film so they did this practically on their own with production from Netflix and Blumhouse Productions. That deserves recognition on its own.

I would describe this film as a creepy concept with creepy performances and a bland script. Let’s hope the sequel can redeem this series for me. In fact, I am planning on making this post a series. I will post a part 2 of a Netflix Horror Film Ranking, and the sequel will definitely be on that list. Can’t wait!

3. 1922

Rating: 7.5/10

Halfway through this film, I had to make sure this was actually advertised as a horror film. To my surprise, it was labeled horror!! What I saw was a stellar Shakespearean Tragedy. It had the murder. It had the haunting of some kind. It had the downfall of man. It had everything a Shakespearean Tragedy has except for William Shakespeare himself. This is a Stephen King adaptation!! To be fair, it’s based off of a novella rather than a full-length novel so it makes sense for there to be a different vibe than the other King stories.

Considering the tragedy angle, it’s safe to say it wasn’t as scary as I was hoping. I kept on waiting for more. I wanted the film to lean heavily on the haunting of Arlette James. Instead, it leaned heavily on the downfall of man and son. That definitely made for a good film, but it was lacking in the horror department. It would’ve been so much more satisfying if Arlette haunted her son and husband in the second half of the film. There were a few scenes where she kind of haunted her husband and murderer, Wilfred James, but that wasn’t enough. I needed more. I wanted Conjuring-level haunting and that isn’t what I got. I’ll admit that I was disappointed, but that was really the only disappointment besides Thomas Jane’s terrible farmer accent. It just didn’t work for me. It was too over the top.

The two actors that stood out for me were Dylan Schmid who played the son, Henry James, and Brian d’Arcy James who played Sheriff Jones. They both did a stellar job with the roles they were given as did most of the cast. The talent goes beyond the screen though. The director and writer Zack Hilditch did a swell job especially with that script. WOW. There so many lines that just amazed me like “I hope there is no God. I imagine all murderers hope there isn’t because if there isn’t no heaven, there is no hell.” Another line that amazed me was when Henry asked if they could kill the mom with a pillow and the dad said “It would be too slow. Too painful. She’d struggle.” What sold that was the delivery. That was one of few times when Thomas Jane’s accent worked on every level. It was menacing and creepy. I loved it.

Anyway, this was a delightful film that just did not scare me. It felt like I was in English class watching the next Shakespearean Tragedy instead of watching a horror film. Either way, it was a well-made film. While this is a better film in my opinion, I did enjoy Cloverfield more.


Rating: 7.5/10

This is a film I was pleasantly surprised with. I’ve always wanted to watch this film, but I never got around to it. I’m happy that I finally decided to watch it. Although, I wouldn’t really consider it a horror film. It had me on the edge of my seat like many horror films do, but that’s also very common for thrillers or sci-fi. In fact, I would consider it a sci-fi thriller. Interesting enough, that’s what I said about A Quiet Place which this film reminded me of down to the first twenty minutes of a boring setup which was worth it. I’ll admit that I was beyond bored up until the big explosion, but that setup was needed for the rest of the film. It allowed me to get to know the characters, and without it, I wouldn’t have cared about what happened to them. Speaking of characters, let’s talk about the one character that made me want to gauge my eyes out… Hudson played by TJ Miller. I’ve never really been a fan of TJ’s, but he was particularly annoying in this film. The screenwriter, Drew Goddard, tried to write him to be the light in a dark tunnel. Someone that could make you laugh in such a serious film. Instead, he wrote him to be an annoying jerk that I could’ve cared less about. To be fair, TJ did a good job playing that type of character, but that didn’t make him any less annoying.

Not all characters were bad. In fact, I felt an emotional connection to all of the other characters. The one I felt connected with the most was definitely Rob who was driven by protecting the woman he loved. He was determined to be there for Beth, and it honestly made me cry seeing how much love he had for her. Michael Stahl-David did a great job at showing these very strong emotions. Everyone did a good job in this film. I’ve always been a big fan of Lizzy Caplan, and she did not disappoint here as Marlena.

I’m trying to keep in mind that this film was released in 2008, but I can’t just ignore the mediocre CGI. It was just pitiful.. and I feel like they could’ve done better. That’s just my opinion though.

An opinion of mine that I think many people can agree with is the ending sucked. I hate endings like that. It just felt like I wasted over an hour on nothing. It sucks because I loved so much about this film, but the last thing I saw was that ending. I won’t reveal too much about the ending, but it was very disappointing to see it end that way.

It is worth mentioning that before this film, I’ve always been scared to watch found footage films. The idea of them just annoyed me in the past so I stayed away from them. In fact, I didn’t know this film was one of those until I started it. That may have had to do with the boredom I experienced at the beginning. I had to get used to something I’ve tried staying away from for so long, but once I got used to it, I fell in love. The only issue was how shaky it was. I know that’s expected, but it made me sick to my stomach in certain parts.

This film had so much for me to love despite the few things I disliked. It was a film that had me on the edge of my seat, and it definitely has me interested in watching the other films in the franchise.


Rating: 8/10

I am SO confused. This film was the only rotten tomato out of all of these films. It had a 33% critics rating while every other film was 60% or above. That’s so wrong because this movie was good!! It wasn’t perfect, but it was such a good haunted house film. Every haunted house film follows a formula, but this film did it different. It actually reminded me a lot of a Supernatural episode, and I used to love that show (I stopped after season 10.)

I’ll admit that the acting wasn’t perfect, but flaws honestly make a haunted house film. This probably makes no sense, but a haunted house film doesn’t have to be perfect. At the end of the day, I had the most fun with this film. I loved Cloverfield and it’s an extremely close second, but this is a post about horror films. This movie scared me the most. It was genuinely scary. It gave me chill bumps, and even though I probably should have, I didn’t expect that twist at the end.

In terms of who is behind the camera, James Wan was credited as a producer which persuaded me to watch the film. Wan is a mastermind, and I will always support something he is apart of. I did see that Harvey Weinstein was involved as an executive producer which may have had part in why it wasn’t successful. Even with me who loved this film wants to hate on this film now knowing he was involved. Although, I am going to give an unbiased review because that is what you deserve.

If you like Supernatural or things of that nature, you’ll love this film. Not perfect, but it will entertain you from the beginning the end.

And BAM. Another post down and SO many more to go! I hope you are enjoying the horror week so far! Feel free to share these posts with your friends! I will link my social media below if you want to share the posts there. If you want to email me at sincerelyyoursnp@gmail.com with any horror-related projects you have written, I will post them this week!! You will receive credit, and I will link your blog in the post!

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    • Demonic is my favorite in terms of the ranking because I had a better experience with it. Although, I would say 1922 or Creep is the best in terms of craft while Cloverfield is the most mainstream. Terrifier was just really bad 😂


  1. I’ve seen a couple of these, Creep which I found ‘OK’ and Cloverfield which actually bored me! I preferred the sequel though which I don’t often find with horror movies. Netflix is perfect for finding horror gems or horrific horror movies – I’ve seen quite a few bad ones on their too.

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    • I saw that the reviews for 10 Cloverfield Lane was much better!! I’ve always wanted to watch that film so I’ll definitely give it a shot soon. With Creep, I recognize the craft and I respect it. There was just something off about it for me. Netflix definitely has some bad horror films 😂 I’ve been unfortunate enough to watch quite a few. Some of them are comedies to me though so I guess it isn’t too bad if it makes me laugh.


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