Family Portrait – KeiranCrying

Thanks to Keiran for submitting such a beautiful and haunting poem for Horror Week! Because of him, I at least am able to post something today! I will be reviewing IT (1990) and a collection of “bad” horror films which has been quite the experience so far!! I will hopefully watch IT Chapter 2 this weekend! Thanks to everyone who has been viewing the Horror Week posts! Once I pay for a plan, I will do more of these events, and I will definitely be more prepared for it!

Family Portrait

Keiran from KeiranCrying

The walls groan as if in pain. 

Tummy ache and spoiled milk. 

The timber peels the paint with every outtake of breath. 

Maybe we have been spending too much time together.

 Maybe they’re mocking me after all. 

Scarlet drips from the sink. A palpable percussion.

 I hope I haven’t walked it up the stairs. 

What a punishment,

 To have a constant reminder clotted into my rugs.

…That I followed in my fathers footsteps. 

My shadow has never felt more heavy. 

Stitched to me like stiff cotton. 

A funeral veil formed from my own flesh. 

Or almost. Not quite. 

All this blood on my hands

All this racket in these hall ways

Yet all that scares me 

Is what stares back at me in the crimson stained porcelain

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