IT (1990) Review (Sincerely Scary)

I loved this more than I should. I say that because it was a mess in many ways. It had some offensive scenes which is expected with something from the 90s. It DID NOT age well. The “mess” stems from more than that though. The creative choices were questionable which I’ve heard that Stephen King’s creative choices were as well. The directing wasn’t anything special. There were other issues, but we will talk about everything soon enough.

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First, I just want to say that part 2 was miles better than part one. While it felt like I enjoyed a bad movie with part 1, it felt like I enjoyed a movie for good reason with part 2. I felt the format of part one was janky. It should have been the full story with the child actors. It kept on going back and forth from the past to present. They shouldn’t have introduced the adult actors until part 2. That would’ve given more time for Pennywise and the child actors. Then again, there still wasn’t enough screentime for Pennywise in part 2 where they only focused on the adult actors. The characters and how they grew was the focus of part 2. The whole villain situation with part 2 was very confusing anyways. I’m not sure what to say about that. I don’t want to spoil it, but I didn’t really understand what was going on.

One thing that both parts have in common is the bland visuals. I know that they couldn’t do what can be done now in the current IT Films, but they certainly could’ve done better than what they did. There was never a scene where I said “WOW” in both parts.

Speaking of visuals and the time when it was made, the CGI was not good. There was one scene in part one that really took me out of the film. I know that bad CGI is expected with a 90s film, but this specific CGI scene lacked something that the other scenes had.

I think it’s safe to say this miniseries DID NOT age well. Along with the CGI, there were some offensive scenes involving women and the n word. I was surprised though that the representation of women (literally one character) wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. She was able to hold her own in a fight, but she was still very whiny and often confided in the men. It’s like she had to be protected when she obviously didn’t have to be protected. Just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she can’t protect herself. Again, I know this is expected with a 1990s film, but I do think it is worth mentioning.

The script in part one lacked substance and strong dialogue. Nothing really captivated me in the script of part one. In part 2, I believe the script was carried by the adult actors. Though the child actors did a decent job in part one, maturity and experience comes with age. The adult actors seemed to know what to do with a mediocre script. They did make appearances in part one, but they weren’t in there as much as the child actors.

I’m sure you’re wondering what I thought about the child actors and adult actors and how they compare to each other. The standouts in my opinion were definitely Marlon Taylor/Tim Reid as Mike Hanlon and Emily Perkins/Annette O’Toole as Beverly Marsh. Jonathan Brandis/Richard Thomas as Bill Denbrough is also up there, but I’m not a big fan of Thomas’ performance. I was expecting something a little different when I imagined this Bill as an adult. I also loved Ben Heller as the child version of Stanley Uris while I believed Richard Masur just made no sense to me. He is not Stanley… He never felt like Stanley to me. The actors for Ben Hanscom, Richie Tozier, and Eddie Kaspbrak did a fine job with what they were given. I personally believe Brandon Crane as the child version of Ben Hanscom was the best out of the three in terms of the young versions of the characters. Dennis Christopher as Eddie Kaspbrak did the best out of the three in terms of the adult versions of the characters.

Though I had fun with both parts, part 2 had me more engaged. I was on the edge of my seat with that one while I never really felt that with part one. Either way, this was a fun experience that I will most likely come back to eventually. As a miniseries, I give IT (1990) a…


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  1. It’s been so long since I watched the original! I really should give it another go, if only to compare it to the recent IT remakes. I’ve seen part 1 which I throughougly enjoyed and will be seeing part 2 next weekend. What I do remember about the original IT was being very confused by the ending, and finding Tim Curry’s version of Pennywise more funny than scary.

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