Bucket List: 10 Things I Want to Achieve in the Next Two Years

We all know that feeling where you don’t know where you’re going. You feel stuck in what feels like a cycle of self-doubt and endless mistakes. It never ends so you become content with going nowhere in life or at least that you have given up. That’s me all the time. It’s just hard sometimes. I’ve found that making plans for what you want to do in the future like a bucket list helps quite a bit! Below is my bucket list! Feel free to write one yourself if you are feeling stuck.

Write and Film My First Short Film

I honestly didn’t know where to place this on my list. I originally had this second to last, but I placed it here because it just feels right. I have a story for a short film, and honestly, I am just excited for this to happen. It doesn’t really connect to any of this which is kind of how I am listing it all. You will see that once we get lower on the list. This is on its own. It is something that I am building upon as you read this. I don’t think it’ll happen first, but that isn’t how I am listing this. Either way, I am really excited about this. If you follow my Instagram (@sincerelyyours_np), you actually know a bit about the short film. It’s hits home in many ways even though I didn’t have the experience that will be depicted. It’s a story that needs to be told, and I really can’t wait to tell it.

Start Working Out and eating healthier

This goes much deeper than feeling insecure about my body. I, of course, have my insecurities with my body, but I just feel like I am not treating my body the way I should. When I am physically active, I do feel better. It’s the same when I eat healthy which isn’t common. I feel like I don’t have time for it, but I am going to make time for it.

Travel More

Even though it is extremely stressful, I LOVE TO TRAVEL. I don’t do it often. Before a few years ago, the farthest I’ve been was probably Tennessee, and I live in Alabama. In 2016, my family and I jumped on a cruise ship, and we went floated all the way to Cozumel, Mexico. This was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was amazing. I just love going to new places. The happiness I felt on that trip was like no other. I also went Italy with my family at the very end of 2018/beginning of 2019, and again, it was an amazing experience. It was much more stressful than the cruise ship, but flying to Italy and traveling to different cities by bus is definitely a different vibe. There were some unfortunate events during that trip, but it was just so exciting. I really want to do more of that, and explore all of the beauty that the planet has to offer. I will insert some photos from each trip below, and then we will go into my inspiration behind why this made the list.

Several years ago, I discovered a YouTuber named Luke Korns. I adored his internet persona, and always found myself going back to his videos. Over time, I felt myself drifting away from his videos, and I eventually stopped watching his videos all together until recently. I went through a time where I was addicted to the “Traveling Wherever the Dart Lands for 24 Hours” a few months ago, and that is when I discovered his channel again. First, it was him doing the dart challenge. Next, it was shining a positive light on places like Iraq and Lebanon. (Shout out to my first Lebanon viewer the other day!) He also tries showing ways to travel on a budget which is good. His videos are mesmerizing, and it is definitely something you should check out. If they have inspired me, they might inspire you as well! I will link a few below!

Korns visits Lebanon in which he shows the good in a country that is looked down upon.
This video has some of my favorite shots from ANY of his vidieos

Go to Italy AGAIN

As you can see above, Italy is BEAUTIFUL, but I feel like I didn’t get the experience that you can and should get from Italy. Traveling to multiple cities in one country over a course of 9 days with a big group is BEYOND stressful. Not to mention that our bus got broken into so we missed going to Pompeii dealing with that. I just feel like it would be so much better if I went to Italy on my own (or with a friend), and stay in one city on my own terms. I would want to stay somewhere I haven’t stayed yet, and that would definitely be the Lombardy region. It is so beautiful, and I just feel like it’s much more relaxed. I would probably try renting an Airbnb near Lake Garda which has beautiful architecture like all of Italy, beautiful water. and to top it off, there is a water park AND theme park! Below are a few photos.

Move to Virginia

Ever since my cousin moved to Virginia, I have always wanted to at least visit. I just feel drawn to the atmosphere where she lives which is near Charlottesville. Not to mention that it is much closer to New York City which is a dream vacation for me. It’s not just that though. I just do not belong in Alabama, and I truly believe Virginia might be the place for me. Even if it isn’t, I feel like it’s one step closer. This is also a weird time for friends, and my cousin in Virginia is really the only person I have a STRONG friendship with! I will insert a photo or two for visuals!

Visit New York

Since I would be closer to New York, it would definitely be one of the first places to visit! I’d probably be found there more than my own home! I’ve always loved everything about NYC, and it would be amazing to step into such a magical city! There would be so much I would want to do including the next thing on the list! 🙂

Go to My Very First Broadway Musical

What kind of musical nerd would I be if I visited to NYC without going to one? Musicals are a gift from above, and you can’t tell me otherwise. Though I am hoping to buy tickets to see Waitress in a theatre in Alabama, that’s nothing like what I’d experience in NYC. Though Waitress will be over by the time I am able to visit, there are many more I’d like to see!

Go to More Concerts

I’ve been to very few concerts. I have only paid to go to a concert once which was Troye Sivan, but I have been to a Mike Posner concert at Alabama Adventure and several others that were free. That being said, I have a lot to experience when it comes to concerts. Since I am planning on moving to Virginia where there are more concerts around the area, I will definitely make some trips to concerts. Below are some of my favorite artists that I would love to see!

Finish My Very First Book

I have many unfinished projects, but there is one that I am really passionate about. Though I never have time to write, I am hoping to do some more writing soon. Click HERE to read the first chapter for a LGBTQ+ romance I am writing titled “Unmask Me”.

Start a YouTube Channel

And finally, I will document all of this on my very own YouTube channel. I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel, but I have not gained the confidence to do that yet. I expect to start it by the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020 though. If you would like to see me start one, let me know!

I am excited to go on this journey of self-discovery during the next few years, and I hope you’re willing to hop onto the ride! This list is compiled of the things that I hope to accomplish, and I really hope to at least get 5 of these things done in the next few years! We will just have to see! Let me know what you;d be most interested to see on here or in a YouTube video!!

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