im ok.

If you haven’t gathered from my very depressing posts, 2019 was a bad year for me. As far as I can remember, I’ve never had a year as bad as 2019. There was so much stress, heartbreak, and long nights that a lot of it is honestly a blur. I thought about listing what happened, but that isn’t what this post is about. I don’t want this to be a pity party. It is actually a celebration because to be honest, I am okay. I still have my nights, but I’ve learned in the past year that everyday can’t be perfect. There will always be those bad days, but if you focus on those days, you will miss the good days. I feel like everyone focuses on the negative. It’s just a thing that humans do unfortunately. It’s something I do, but I am starting to learn. I did start taking medicine for my mental health in 2019 so maybe that’s when I started having all of these realizations. It has helped bring back my happy self so this could all be due to my medicine. Either way, I did learn a lot in 2019. I needed a year like 2019 so I can have a year that I know 2020 will be. You’ve got to be thankful for the bad or you won’t get the good. I wouldn’t even be here without 2019. I would probably be writing fanfiction in Google Docs. If you do that, that is perfectly fine. In fact, send your fanfictions my way. That’s just not how I express myself anymore. Halfway through 2019, I realized I needed to express myself in a different way. I knew I needed to reach others to help myself. That’s why I started my blog. I just love feeling like I make a difference. Sitting in my room struggling to write a fanfiction is not making a difference. This is. It’s making a difference in me, and I like to think that it’s making a difference with everyone reading this. I hope you’re able to learn something or at least relate to something I write. Maybe I help you realize that you’re not alone. Or anything else that is considered a change. With all of this said, I just want to thank 2019, you guys, and my doctor because I am okay.

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I’m just a dood tryna figure myself out. I write about shows, movies, the LGBTQ+ community, Pop Culture, and my original fiction work!!

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