BoxyCharm January 2020 – Breaking the Ice

I have finally subscribed to BoxyCharm! This is something I have considered doing for awhile. I finally caved in, and this is very exciting! I was very impatient during the shipping process, and ran to the mailbox everyday to see if by some miracle, it had came early. To no one’s surprise, it never did. Until yesterday! I am even more excited because of the extra items I received through a code! Stay until the end of the post to see those items as well! I hope you enjoy my thoughts on the first box of 2020, and maybe after reading this post, you will go ahead and subscribe yourself!

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MSRP: $38.00

I am always down for a Too Faced product simply for the packaging. I feel like you pay for their packaging for than anything. I don’t really even like this highlighter. It is very dull, but I am happy to have it in my collection. I mean… Have you seen the packaging?? It is beautiful. With that said, I want a dewy shine. This is not that.

MSRP: $34.99

I would have loved to receive the Scarlet Dusk, but this palette will do. The metallics/shimmers feel so amazing. I have never felt eye shadow that is that creamy without being a liquid eyeshadow. The mattes on the other hand are very streaky. To be fair, swatches are very different from how it appears on the eyelid. I think the mattes would definitely work on the eye. It might just take a bit more work than the other shades.

MSRP: $36.00

I just want to talk to Wander Beauty, and ask them what they were thinking when they made the bronzer in this duo. It is LIGHT light. Unless this duo was made for Casper, it is not going to cut it. It also has a sheen to it which I thought was weird. The blush is fine though. I haven’t done makeup long enough to know which color blush looks best on me, but I am down to experiment with this one.

MSRP: $107.00

As I type this, I am wearing $107 on my face. Yes. That is how much this sleeping mask is. I can’t believe it. I don’t even know if it is doing anything. I will post my review on Influenster in a few days when I have made my decision. Either way, I wanted the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask from Glow Recipe so I am slightly disappointed with this one. I just don’t think this one is made for my skin. Age Radiance? I am 19. I need Watermelon Glow!

MSRP: $18.00

This is a cool product I guess. I am giving it to my sister because I think it will be a long time before I use mascara a lot. She wanted the GrandeLash mascara, but she is happy with this one nonetheless.


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  1. We received similar boxes this month, although I didn’t receive the $107 mask or the Petite ‘N Pretty Mascara (I received the Glow Recipe Moisturizer & the Grande Cosmetics Mascara). I haven’t tried any of the products yet, so I’m hoping that the products will perform better on the face than the swatched!

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    • I used the Ace Beautē palette today and the shimmers are a DREAM. (I used a combination of a wet brush and my finger. It worked great!) The mattes are pretty good on the eyes as well. I was really hoping for the Glow Recipe Moisturizer and Grande Cosmetics Mascara, but I am still grateful to receive the products I got.

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      • ahh that’s good to know! I don’t mind using a wet brush or fingers… I tend to start with my fingers anyways lol!

        I’m really happy that the mattes worked for you, too. Bright shadows sometimes feel so scratchy in the pan so its always a guessing game if they’ll work out on the eyes! Ace Beaute has just been on my list of brands to try for so long and I kept hoping that eventually they’d end up in a box!

        ALSO, I learned this today: there are Boxycharm groups on Facebook for trading or buying products from boxes. Sometimes people sell products for a very low price point on Poshmark or Mercari, too!


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