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Roommate (Sincerely Scary)

As I begin to fall asleep, I feel your fingers on my feet. I’ll admit that it tickles, but I try hiding it. Your fingers move up to my legs. I start to feel uncomfortable, but I am used to it by now. I then feel your warm breath against my ear. I try to…

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little paragraphs my doodz

I like to say I am happy, but I’m not. Life breaks me down like my body breaks down carbohydrates. Every day, a new problem pops up like a pimple. It’s a never ending cycle of disappointment, but sometimes, the cycle breaks. I smile and the happiest soundtrack ever begins to play. The birds chirp…

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The Ambiguity of Life

Life is ambiguous. It can be my worst nightmare Or it can be a fairytale. There’s not much I can do, But try reaching the Beast to my Beauty Or the Prince Charming to my Cinderella. Knowing my luck, The best I’ll do Is find the Joker to my Harley Quinn.

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Expectations of Today

As the leaves crunch beneath me, And the Fall weather begins to linger, I think of how I let myself down. I thought I’d be going to college, I thought I’d have my license, I thought I would be someone. But I’m still lost in the maze. The maze we call life, And I don’t…

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The Windows of our Future

As I look out the window of my past, I see people come and go, I see mistake after mistake, I see everything that has brought me here. A person I’d rather not be. As I look out the window of my future, I see promise that a good life is soon, I see new…

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My thoughts are weighing on me Like a ton of bricks on my shoulders. My brain is in sudden shock every morning Because I realize I have to start my day. I have to walk outside the house and pretend. My fake smile can’t fool everyone forever. My fake confidence can’t soar much longer. All…

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